Monday, December 19, 2011

Nice rack?

This is a fantastic article about a lady who felt that her love live was determined by her large breasts and hips. In my experience, being seen as somehow more promiscuous because of my body is pretty common and really troubling. In most of the movies I've seen, the cup size of the female characters seems to designate their relative hotness to goodness/smartness ratio. Larger breasts means smaller brains and hearts. Having large breasts also completely changes how clothes fit, and the "tasteful yet attractive" window is rendered much narrower because of them-- generally when getting dressed I have to choose between being frumpy and being dressed inappropriately because my outfits so often look like Halloween versions of what I'm going for. "Appropriate for a job interview" on someone else translates to "sexy secretary" on curvier women and "it's hot outside" for some looks like "music video set in the summer" on others. Covering up is theoretically possible, but doing so while dressing in a way that is beautiful or interesting is tough. Maybe this makes me the shallow, vapid temptress my breasts and hips hint at, but I don't enjoy feeling frumpy and I don't appreciate that my only other option is to be seem like I'm actively soliciting a certain kind of attention.

All of that said, I do not think that having certain kinds of curves puts women in a less privileged position than other women. My bra was an A cup until I was sixteen, when I grew into a D cup seemingly overnight. I remember having small breasts very well, and that presented its own challenges. The point is that within the Western Patriarchy a woman's appearance, whatever it is, will be used to her disadvantage. Whatever a woman's body looks like and whatever she chooses to do with it will always be wrong because in the Western Patriarchy, having a female body is inherently wrong. Having small, medium size, large, or any other kind of breasts, choosing to breastfeed or not breastfeed or to wear or not wear a push-up presents challenges, pressures, and disapproval from a male dominated society because having breasts generally marks someone as female-bodied and therefore deserving of less privilege.

What is my point here? Ain't nothing wrong with boobie. Boobie feed the world.

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