Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Me!

Another lady.

To keep on with the metaphor...

Course Objective:
We hope to explore ladies. And food. As they intersect, as they have nothing to do with each other, as they effect our lives, as they are humorous, frustrating, etc.
I from the perspective of a young lady at a lady college, spending my days nested comfortably in a suite with 5 other ladies, which, in turn, is nested comfortably in New York city. A lady who loves food, feminist scholarship, computer science, her 4 little siblings and many many cousins, her 2 little babysittees, trashy magazines and Jennifer Aniston.
Eliza from the perspective of a post-vegan baker who loves writing, God and Goddess, her new red Jeep, and who loves many other things and has many other qualities I am neglecting to mention.

Just so you all know: I just bought a million ingredients for pecan pie because I had ju-ju-ju-ju-just been paid. I was inspired by a surprisingly okay pecan pastry from Starbucks and needed to bring something to a potluck Thanksgiving. The pie was underwhelming, says I. However, now I have buttermilk, flour, pecans, karo syrup, molasses. Not sure what I'm going to do with all of it, but I'm thinking buttermilk pancakes possibly with some sort of pecan-molasses comfort food type syrup.

Now I think Eliza should tell us what she thinks about the Stupak amendment. And I need to do some programming before I fall asleep!

let's get rhetorical

First day of class. You don't really know if you're in the right room, or if the pants you have selected are of good quality, but before you know it, some dude* is giving you a syllabus with a pretentious-sounding course objective and her phone number on the top of it. Is this is the right place for me?, you think. Is that guy with a backwards baseball hat smart, or am I in a class of rubes? Could I socialize with said baseball hat guy?

The point is, the first day of class is reserved for a broad rhetorical discussion. What is the point of things, where are we all going, will the tests be graded on a curve.

And so I present the first day of lady times class. Here are some key questions, delivered by someone who may or may not have the authority to ask them:

What is feminism?

Why are we ladies?

What is food?

Why is food important?

How long does it take to learn the secrets of grandma cooking?

Why are we ladies?

What are our lady times?

For next time, do some reading. I don't care what kind, but it has to have boobs in it, or butter.

*As always, 'dude' is a term we use in the genderless sense. We're takin' it back, '90s.