Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two gems from an article on "Ten Things Men Want You to Do Less Of"

The article can be found here. It's just a regular old "here's an insight into the head of every dude!" type of a thing and as usual, it's pretty objectionable. Here are two tips:

5. Changing Clothes
Within this complaint is all the hours spent in front of the mirror, fixing every little detail of the hair, the makeup, the outfit (only to freak out and change it all again). I can’t argue against how great women look—just keep the mirror time within reason otherwise and give me some kind of time frame, e.g. “15 minutes,” or “25 minutes,” and then actually take that long. Because I’m hungry. And we have a reservation. And now I’m cranky. And now we’re fighting.

Oh, it's the woman's fault you're cranky! Of course. I also love it when we're told from Glamour Magazine, a publication that (like any fashion magazine) is all about pleasing men, tells us that it is just really annoys and inconveniences men when women spend time trying to please them.

9. Watching What You Eat
Nothing against salads, or sensible portions, or water instead of soda. We could all use more of that thinking. But calories are just units of energy. Use ‘em!

This is mostly the same as the other one. It's this contradictory message that women receive and have received almost forever where women who aren't unnaturally thin and perfectly groomed are social outcasts and ignored by men... but now we're also hearing that it's irritating to men for no apparent reason when women take measures to become unnaturally thin and perfectly groomed. It's like the issue of the Virgin Mary being set as the standard for women: it is a literally impossible standard to live up to. Of course, I would love it if beauty magazines and the general male community started supporting that women be less appearance-focused, but I won't buy it until I'm also seeing models of normal proportion and reading articles entitled "Go Ahead and Gain a Few Pounds" or "How to Grow the Free-Flowing Body Hair Your Guy Craves".

Friday, January 7, 2011

lady doctor

Has anyone ever seen that episode of Scrubs where Elliot (who is a girl) is being pressured into joining the pediatrics or obstetrician department at the hospital? I'm not sure if that's the correct terminology, but anyway. She was all upset because she thought that the other doctors were being sexist by assuming that all women are only good in those two departments. Fields? I think it's fields. But my point is, who wants to have a stupid man as your OB/GYN? Not that I've ever been to an OB/GYN, but I'm just saying that men do not have a serious understanding of the female body and the way it feels. Especially in the field of obstetrics.

Originally, midwives helped women give birth, not doctors. But once medical education began to evolve and only men were allowed to go to school, the practice of midwifery was greatly diminished.

I'm trying REALLY hard to sound smart and grown-up. Sorry if i say stupid things.

Anyway, the point is that men can't really coach women in labor, because they will never experience labor. Or any kind of menstrual pain, for that matter. So let men be neurologists, pediatricians, surgeons, emergency doctors, and family practice doctors.

But leave the lady stuff to the ladies.